Paradise Valley - Dale Cramer

It is my second Amish book I read. The first one was James A. Michener's "The Novel". Before as well as after that, I was always interest in the Amish lifestyle, their recipes, quilts, etc. and watched just about all the movies made about the Amish culture. I have treasured this book for a long time, waiting for the opportunity to read it. It was a beautiful, heartwarming, amazing experience. I loved every minute of it.

Their way of life always reminded me of how my grandparents lived before electricity and motor vehicles graced their lives. It is a kind of walk down memory lane, and although it is in a different country, the background and religion was the same.

Lots to ponder in the book. Here is a few quotes I would like to remember:

"My dat says a prideful man thinks everyone is vain, and a deceiver thinks everyone is a liar."

“Would we try to rule as the greedy do?” he asked. “Will we try to grab power over other people’s possessions? What fellowship has righteousness with unrighteousness, and what communion hath light with darkness?"

"Just remember when you choose a girlfriend, don’t choose so much the girl. Choose the friend."

"Dat says a man who is strong in his heart is gentle in his hands.”

"There was a kind of comfort in knowing that someone else was in control so long as it was someone faithful, someone who cared for his wife as Gott cared for His children. 

"Someone strong enough to be gentle with his wife. Someone who not only would allow his wife to be everything Gott intended her to be, but wanted it so. She had seen the other kind too, in the downcast eyes of women whose husbands ruled with an iron hand that squeezed the dreams out of them. If the right man could complete a woman, the wrong one could crush her."

"There was nothing worth doing in this world that could not be accomplished with common sense, hard work, and the help of a strong family."

It will not be the last one I read. This made my day special indeed.