Bulletproof (Clay and Tanner Thomas series) (Volume 3) - Jeff LaFerney

A murder mystery: two murders including a feisty old ghost, Bosley - a womaniser and restless soul who move things around in the Fenton Hotel Tavern and Grille, who sings happily along with the performers and who hope someone can solve his murder. 

That's where the father and son - detective team, Clay and Tanner Thomas, comes in when they also have to sort out another murder. They both have special abilities - really special, believe me, including communicating with ol' Bosley, read minds and basically do what has to be done to get this murder mystery on the road.

Meet Jasper, their midget lawyer, who would get sprayed by a skunk, 'accidently' lands on the female prosecutor's lap(which makes his day!) and has the ability to super-charge a certain cop to look like an overly-blown-up red balloon.

Poor six foot ten and overweight Sherman Septic Tankersley, the plumber, has his hands full with confined spaces, ghosts who open taps and switch off lights, metal steps that bends under his weight and have him captured by the handrails closing in on him. Life is not a good one for this giant. His temper is severely tested by his fright of ghosts and people who just do not understand him.

In the mix is also Zander Frauss, the neuroscientist ....need I say more?

Mix all these characters, and quite a few interesting ones more, with science, the paranormal, romance, intrigue, humor and excellent writing skills, and you get "Bulletproof" by Jeff LaFerney: a riveting, fast-moving who-dunnit that will keep you awake!

I feel so honored and happy to have met the characters and read this third book in this series. I will definitely read the other two as well. It will be shear bliss!

A very special thank you to Books4tomorrow and Jeff LaFerney!

A fabulous read! 

Source: http://www.goodreads.com/review/show/717700585