The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume - Lisa Rumsey Harris

The Unlikely Gift of Treasure Blume

For those of us not believing the airbrushed photos of models advertising a dream image of ourselves if we just buy the product / service / rhetoric, the story of Treasure Blume might be the inspiration everyone, especially young women, always seek. The book is actually meant for the Young Adult market who ravages romantic stories like forbidden midnight chocolate binges. For older witches like yours truly, this is a tongue-in-cheek but fun read. We just do it with our lips zipped and a smile on our faces :-)

However, the protagonist is more real than the fabulous faces adorning a magazine cover or young women's dreams, and that makes her story special. Nobody likes her on first contact. Wow, how would you feel when it happens to you? Does this story resonate within yourself? Or do you know how she must feel in some or other way?

She accepts her genetic looks, educated herself, got a cat and prepared to stay behind when pheromones hit male and female members of the human specie. She instinctively knew that the visual satisfaction(for men) and nesting instincts for young women( read: nice house, nice car, promising bank accounts and looks) attracted the sexes to each other like moths to a flame. The hunt for the very best breeding partner did not promise a winning place for a girl like Treasure Blume. She believed more in her mirror and learnt to turn her back on the people who judged her by her looks alone. She compensated with a refreshing sense of humor nevertheless.

But there are men such as Dennis who got burnt by the flame of the romantic candle the first time around. He was left deeply hurt and with a child he had to raise on his own. He would soon discover more in the teacher who made his daughter happy. 

This is a delightful read for the right generation of optimistic love-addicts. It is peppered with wit and wisdom and a feeling of well-being. A great addition to the romance genre, I would say. A book with real heart! I loved Treasure Blume's self confidence and guts!